High Speed Drilling and Milling Center | CNC Equipment


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Product Description

High Speed Drilling and Milling Center | CNC


Technical Parameters 

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Item/Model Unit VMC-T5 VMC-T6 VMC-T7
X-axis Travel mm 500 600 700
Y-axis Travel mm 400 400 400
Z-axis T mm 300 300 300
Worktable Size mm 650×400 700×420 800×420
Worktable Max Weigh Permissible kg 250 300 350
Worktable T-slot Number   3-14-100 3-14-100 3-18-120
Worktable Surface to Spindle Nose mm 150-450 150-450 150-450
Spindle Center to Column Surface mm 420 420 450
Spindle Taper   BT-30 BT-30 BT-30
Spindle Speed rpm/min 15000/20000 15000/20000 15000/20000
Spindle Motor Power kw 5.5 5.5 5.5
X/Y/Z Axis Motor Power kw 1.5/1.5/3 1.5/1.5/3 1.5/1.5/3
X/Y/Z Axis Rapid Traverse m/min 48/48/48 48/48/48 48/48/48
X,Y,Z Feed of Cutting mm/min 1-12000 1-12000 1-12000
Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.003/300 ±0.003/300 ±0.003/300
Repeatable Accuracy mm ±0.0025 ±0.0025 ±0.0025
Tool Magazine Tool Change Type    

Clamp arm type



Clamp arm type



Clamp arm type


Tool Magazine Capacity pcs 16 16 16
Power Requirement KVA 15 15 15
Pneumatic Source Requirement kg/ ≥6 ≥6 ≥6
Machine Weight kg 3000 3200 3500
Floor Space mm 1700x2200x2300 1700x2200x2300 1700x2200x2300
Controller   M70/OI-MF M70/OI-MF M70/OI-MFD




Why choose us

Our equipment R & D team has become more and more Stronger with Technical study and development experience over 10 years.  Our goal is that Realize Automatic Production Easier and Easier, Made-in-China More and More Intelligent. Compare to electrospinning equipment technology, CNC equipment technology is easier and more common.  So our CNC also will be good choice!



  • Friendly & helpful support team.
  • Fully customized special specifications and high performance.
  • Maintained a leading position and unique patented in technology.
  • R & D team Strengthen Technical study and development experience over 10 years.
  • Deep collaboration with well-known professor at home and abroad.
  • Pioneered near-field direct write electrospinning technology, maintained a leading position and unique patented in technology.
  • Superior quality meets international standard, with the most attractive prices


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