CO2 Laser Flight Marking Machine


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Product Description


Product Description

[CO2 Laser Flight Marking Machine ] is commonly referred to as a gas laser marking machine. CO2 laser is a gas laser with infrared spectrum wavelength of 10.64um. Filling CO2 gas into the discharge tube as lasing medium, when the high pressure is applied to the electrode, the glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, which can make the gas molecules release the laser. After amplifying the laser energy, a laser beam is formed for material processing. The automatic marking can be realized by changing the laser beam light path through the computer control vibrator. It uses laser beam to irradiate that surface of the material, and the light energy is instantaneously transform into thermal energy, so that the surface of the material is instantly melted and even vaporized to form a permanent mark. The series of products can be used in combination with assembly line, Which with fast speed, clear marking, integrated design, portable and simple, easy to install.


Application Industry

Applied to food, medicine, tea, wine and other product packaging.  Applied to electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), mobile phone communication, garment processing, building materials, PVC pipes and other industries.


Applicable Materials

Bamboo and wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, fabric, plastic, rubber, ceramics, crystal, jade, glass,  artificial stone and the other vast majority of non-metallic materials.


Sample show


Product Feature

  • Using the engraving software. It is compatible with the file of software such as Coreldraw, AutoCAD and Photoshop and so on.
  •  Support a range of useful image formats, including the vector format and bitmap formats, such as JPG、BMP、PLT、AI、DXF and so on. Support barcodes, Datamatrix, QR codes, UID, OCR characters. Support automatic coding, Support printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, automatic hop number, etc
  • It can be processed for various non-metal materials. It is especially advantageous to mark that material such as plastic, TPU, cloth, wood.
  • The laser works stably and reliably. Its service life is up to 2-30,000h, and it is maintenance-free and suitable for harsh working environment.
  •  Using non-contact process, work piece will not suffer any mechanical impact and damage in the laser engraving process. Excellent beam quality, marking clearly and permanently.(With smallness of laser beam, work piece will not suffer any mechanical impact and damage in the laser engraving process. )
  • Adopting high speed digital vibrating mirror, the processing speed is fast, 2-3 times of the traditional marking machine
  • No need any consumables, using forced air cooling device, the complete machine consumes less than 700W, saving energy consumption greatly.
  • Excellent beam quality, focusing spot diameter less than 50um, especially suitable for fine and precision marking.
  • Supporting whole set of equipment in automaton assembly line to meet the needs of mass production.


Product Detail








Power range

20W 30W 50W

Pulse Energy


1mJ 1mJ 1mJ

Frequency (kHz)


20-200KHZ 20-200KHZ 20-200KHZ

Laser wavelength





Laser designator



Red light /655nm wavelength/output 1mW/II type laser products



Standard marking area (mm)


Optional Marking area (mm)



Making Depth



Marking style



XY two axial focus


Min line width



Max. speed (mm/sec)





Operating System


win 7

Font support



True Type Font/AUTOCAD JSF/Custom Font



Input file




Complete Machine



Environmental Requirement



Temperature: 10 ℃ – 35 ℃, Humidity: 5% -75%



Input power Supply


220V 60hz

Complete machine power consumption


≤750W ≤750W ≤1200W

Cooling type



Air cooling


Dimensions (mm)



Control Interface




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