Easy Tearing Line Laser Cutting Machine


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Product Description


Product Description

Easy Tearing Line Laser Cutting Machine is a high end smart laser cutting equipment with high precision performance, applicated laser cutting technology for cutting, scribing, drilling and layered machining on soft wrapping bag/ packing bag. The processing method is to use the laser beam to evenly cut out a thin line which is just a few microns depth by focusing on the surface place designed solid line(full line), dotted line(dashed line), wavy line and easily torn line. Due to the advantages of laser in focusing, the focus point can be as small as sub-micron, so that make  the micro processing of materials have better advantages, and the depth of cutting, marking, scribing and drilling controllable. High energy density can be obtained, then effectively process the material, even at low pulse energy level. The independently developed laser control system  can simultaneously control multiple laser light sources for multi-line laser cutting, greatly improving production efficiency. The equipment also has a unique dynamic laser power output system to ensure the stability of laser power output when the packaging film is running at high speed, greatly improving the cutting quality of easily torn lines. Laser easily tear line cutting machine is widely used in food packaging industry.



Product Feature

  • Multiple laser light sources work synchronously and coordinately
  • The dynamic laser power output ensures the stability of the laser power under the situation that the film is scrolled at high speed
  • Working mode option supported: solid line(full line), dotted line(dashed line), wavy line, special shaped line, drilling and so on.
  • Many kinds of non-metal film can be processed
  • The laser works stably and reliably. Its service life is up to 100,000 hours. Maintenance free and suitable for harsh working environment
  •  Using non-contact process, work piece will not suffer any mechanical impact and damage in the laser engraving process. Excellent beam quality, marking clearly and permanently.
  • (With smallness of laser beam, work piece will not suffer any mechanical impact and damage in the laser engraving process. )
  • No need any consumables, using water cooling device, the complete machine consumes less than 2000W, saving energy consumption greatly
  • Excellent beam quality, focusing spot diameter less than 50um, especially suitable for fine and precision cutting
  • Supporting whole set of equipment in automaton assembly line to meet the needs of mass production



Specification Model LT-YSX-30




Working mode


solid line(full line), dotted line(dashed line), wavy line, drilling, special shaped line


Min line width


Max cutting speed




complete machine


Environmental Requirement


Temperature: 10 ℃ – 35 ℃, Humidity: 5% -75%


Input power Supply

220V  50HZ

Complete machine power consumption


Cooling type


Water cooling or Air cooling


Complete machine size


Control Interface



Application Industry

  • Food packaging industry (snack, salt, milk, fast food, seasoning, etc.)
  • Beverage packaging industry (tea, milk tea, coffee, paper packing beverage, etc.)
  • Cosmetics software packaging industry (facial mask, makeup remover, greasing paper, etc.)
  • Packaging industry of daily necessities (tampons, wet tissues, paper diapers, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical packaging industry (soft bag packing drugs, granule granule, granule drugs, etc.)
  • Express packaging industry

Applicable Materials

Food packaging film, plastic film, composite film, aluminum foil paper, paper, aluminum-plastic film and other materials.



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