High Presition Automation Profesional Electrospinning Equipment



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Product Description


High Presition Automation Profesional Electrospinning Equipment

Our electrospinning equipment series are used to produce ultrafine nanofiber film in various materials, being automatically controllable, flexible multi-technology switching and controllable temperature and humidity, etc. It is mainly used in laboratory, helping teachers do academic researches in universities and Institue.
Wide application fields: filtration, medical material, new energy, etc. 

 Product advantages:

  • Temperature and humidity controlled in high precision and high speed.
  • Timing controllable the experiment.
  • Modular design, multifunction.
  • Multiple nozzle system.
  •  Automatic control intake and exhaust.
  • Color touch screen, numerical control system.
  • Simple and clear operation.

1. Temperature and humidity control, fast response, high precision, response time 1min

2. Desktop electrostatic spinning machine, small size, full function

3. It has a variety of array sprinklers, which can be produced in small quantities and speed up the film forming time.

4.  A variety of collection devices optional, suitable for different collection devices.

5. Equipment control system integrated in the color touch screen, easy to operate

6. The intake and exhaust can be controlled automatically to ensure the temperature of the spinning environment and the safety and reliability of the spinning process.

7. Parts and systems are modularized, with different prices and diversified functions.

Technical specifications:
1. 0 ~ 50KV high-voltage power supply
2. Single-channel syringe pump, can support a variety of syringes;
3. Single-channel syringe pump, can support a variety of syringes;
4 standard drum and flat collector;
5. 7-inch color touch screen centralized control
6. Temperature and humidity controllable, humidity controllable 25% – indoor humidity, ± 1%. Response control time 1min.
7. Machine size 800mm long * 500mm wide * 850mm high




Product Application

Applications mainly involve pollution and waste treatment, filtration and separation, biomedicine, new energy, electronic information, catalysis, national defense and military and other fields.

◆ Polluted waste treatment: Heavy metal ion adsorption, Acid-base treatment, organic waste gas treatment, organic waste water treatment, small molecule pollutant adsorption etc.;
◆ Filtering Separation: Suspension particles, PM2.5 mask, Air filtration, water filter, sifting, oil-water separation, extraction, sea water desalination etc.;
◆ Biological medicine: drug delivery, dressing, drug extract, tissue engineering scaffold, Biological testing, Cosmetics, antimicrobial, artificial organ, enzyme immobilization etc.;
◆ New energy: organic solar cells, li-ion electrode material, sodium ion battery material, fuel cell, li-ion battery separator, photocatalytic hydrolysis etc.;
◆ Electronic information: gas sensors, humidity sensors bioinstrumentation, flexible circuit, microfluidic chip, micro/nano device etc.;
◆ Catalysis: Organic waste water and gas catalytic treatment, photocatalysis, chemocatalysis etc.;
◆ Defence Industry: missile insulation, stealth wave-absorbing, light isolated material, electromagnetic shielding etc.;
◆ Other: food processing, composite enhancing, antiseptic antistaling, waterproof and moisture permeable, aerogel, high temperature insulating, keeping warm etc.;

About Customization

We will be efficient and professional service to customers one-stop solution of electrostatic spinning machine. Company R & D team members strong design ability, familiar with the technical characteristics of electrospinning related fields, to meet the needs of customers customized equipment. Meet different budgets in different areas of scientific research electrospinning needs.



Our Product Advantage

1) Pre-sale after-sales R & D team technical support, and improve after-sales service, one on one service commissioner, Immediate reply within 24 hours on line,  so you worry-free.
2) High cost-effective, the best quality and lowest price can meet your requirement.
3) Leading technology, quality leader, international standard quality.
4) Guide you installing, technical support, 1 year warranty, life-long maintenance.


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